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When Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

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A year might not seem like long, but it’s plenty of time for your home’s exterior to accumulate dirt, grim, and wear from the weather it’s exposed to.  Of course, you might feel the need to give your house a good pressure wash when you notice it’s getting dirty. While we’re all about pressure washing, did you know there are better times than others to wash throughout the year? By knowing when the best times are, you’ll be able to keep your house sparkling without breaking the bank.

Here are a few factors to consider when figuring out the best washing windows for your climate:


Winter is a danger to any home no matter where you live. The cold weather can damage all kinds of outdoor surfaces, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in a while. Gutters full of debris can freeze up, causing damage and even breaking. Dirt, dust, and pollen will freeze onto a surface making it significantly harder to remove come springtime.   

To prevent dealing with stubborn grime and its consequences, be sure to pressure wash your house as part of your annual winterization. Generally speaking, this is any time after March but before November. Most people who keep up on their pressure washing will do one wash in the spring and another mid-autumn. By doing so, you’ll keep your house and any exterior fixtures like decks and fencing looking great for the warm months while minimizing the risk of damage in the cold.


Pressure washing can be easily described as pointing highly-pressurized water at a surface to clean it, though that would be selling it short. While there is more to it, the point can be made that the way it functions means you can do it during any weather. Even if it is raining, you could walk outside and pressure wash to your heart’s content — though we wouldn’t recommend it. However, washing at the wrong times can negatively impact how effective your wash is. 

Ideally, you want to wash your home on a warm, sunny day. The sun helps you see any mistakes you have made or spots that you might have missed. The heat will help dry what you clean faster and more efficiently than if you were to pressure wash on cooler, muggier days. While it is not required, these warm, dry days will help you clean your home better and faster than any other weather condition. 

If you must wash your home and can’t find a hot and sunny day to do it, make sure to avoid thunderstorms and freezing temperatures. Understandably, these are the worst times to pressure wash your house and even professionals will postpone to a later date under such circumstances. 


Certain climates are better for pressure washing than others. For instance, a warm, humid climate will make your house more susceptible to mold and mildew during the summer than if you were in a cooler, dryer climate. You might also be affected by frequent rainfall, causing you to delay washes or repeat them if the storms kick up a lot of muck. Most of the time, people in warmer climates without tropical storms can get away with washing just once a year with some careful timing and planning. That said, dryer climates might still require multiple washs, especially if you live in a desert or anywhere dusty where that dirt and detritus can build up on your siding over time.

On the other hand, colder climates typically have much harsher effects on your house. Instead of washing just once a year, those who live in these climates are more likely to need at least two washes annually. As described above, the first wash is usually done before winter with a second wash in the spring. This two-wash approach will prepare your home for winter while returning it to its best condition afterward. 

The Best Time to Pressure Wash Your House

While deciding when to pressure wash your home is ultimately up to you, taking seasons, climate, and weather into account will make those washes more effective. One good rule is to keep an eye out for those hot, sunny days that make pressure washing a cinch. Of course, cloudy days work well too. Just be sure it’s not raining or too cold where the water might end up freezing.

If you need any help or have any questions about how often you should pressure wash your house each year, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect balance.

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