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We understand that the exterior of your home can sometimes be forgotten and shoved to the side when it comes to thinking about home maintenance. But the best way to ensure a long-lasting, good-looking home and the equity of your property is to invest in maintenance of both the interior and exterior! The outside of your home is the first thing people see, and wowing them from the get-go is the best way to impress. Whatever the reason you want to invest in the maintenance of your home’s exterior – we’re here for you. No matter if it’s a one-time job to get ready to sell, a regularly scheduled seasonal cleaning so your BBQ guests are always impressed at the cleanliness of your deck or patio, or necessary upkeep required by your housing association – we can do it!

At Arlington Pressure Washing Company, we are experts in pressure and soft washing and can clean any exterior surface of your home, including concrete, stone, brick, side paneling, decks, fences, and gutters.

If you’re looking to boost the curb appeal of your home, contact us today to get a quote or keep on reading for more information.
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We’re dedicated to providing the best customer service possible through our 100% satisfaction guarantee and on-site estimates.
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Our work is consistently done to the highest of standards, we always show up on time, and we treat your home as if it were our own.
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We keep up to date with the latest and safest cleaning methods available and are happy and ready to explain all of our procedures.

Pressure Washing Services

Are you considering putting your house up for sale, but worry about the appearance of its exterior and how that could affect the sale? Do you miss the proud feeling you once had of pulling up on your driveway to see that your house is the cleanest on the block? No matter the reason, Arlington Pressure Washing Company can help boost the curb appeal of your house!

We provide pressure washing for:
  • Driveways & sidewalks
  • Brick & concrete
  • Decks & fences
We’re experts in pressure washing and know when to use which techniques and cleansers to make sure we clean the exterior of your home in the most efficient and safest way possible. If your home needs a facelift and you want to be sure that your property will remain undamaged, call Arlington Pressure Washing Company today!

See what our customers have to say!

I can’t say enough good things about Arlington Pressure Washing Company! Nick and Shane were so polite and took the time to explain everything about their processes and were really patient with all my questions (even took the time to answer questions on a separate project that I planned to try myself!). They cleaned my deck and I barely recognized it afterwards! They did such a wonderful job; I honestly couldn’t be happier. The estimate they gave me ahead of time seemed almost TOO fair to me so I assumed that they’d underestimated and the final price would be higher but nope! Just a really fair price! They were also so respectful of my neighbors and their property (since I live in a condo my neighbors are super close). Completely recommend!!!
Gigi G. from Google
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Soft Washing Services

When it comes to exterior cleaning, most people assume that pressure washing is the way to go. While pressure washing is usually the method of choice for hardscapes, like brick, stone, and concrete, high pressure water can easily damage softer materials like siding and roof shingles. But, as the name suggests, soft washing uses much lower pressure than traditional pressure washing to avoid damaging fragile substrates, such as vinyl and wood siding, or asphalt roof shingles. We use a solution of water, sodium hypochlorite bleach, and bleach-safe soap to ensure that any algae, mold, or mildew present on those exteriors has the least chance of coming back again. (Wait, why bleach?)

Wait, why bleach?

Many companies say they use eco-friendly chemicals to avoid having “the bleach talk” with their clients, when in truth almost all professional cleaning contractors use traditional bleach in their cleaning solutions. We pride ourselves in honesty and transparency, and feel that fully explaining our procedures before even beginning work for a client is the best way to go about it. 

The truth is that there really is no good substitute for bleach. Bleach-alternatives are cost-prohibitive, dangerous, or simply ineffective. We dilute our bleach mixtures to safe levels for whatever we are working on. For example, with a standard house wash, the final bleach concentration in our mix is typically under 1%.

The main concern of using bleach is chemically burning the surrounding vegetation. That’s why we always pre-soak the ground and any plants we’re working near, so that they will have excess water in the soil and dilute any bleach they may come in contact with. We always follow up with an extra rinse of all surrounding vegetation to mitigate any risk to the other parts of your home that make the exterior beautiful!
Just like we’re experts in pressure washing, we are also highly knowledgeable and experienced in soft washing. We know when to use which technique, so you’ll never have to worry about any damage to your home. Give us a call today so we can get your home clean tomorrow

Our Other Services

Fence & Deck Restoration & Staining

Wood exterior surfaces require special care and attention – which we’ll be sure to give it. We’ll get your fence and deck looking like they were just put in with our specialized fence and deck restoration and staining techniques.

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Outdoor Furniture Restoration

If your outdoor furniture has maybe seen better days, Arlington Pressure Washing Company is happy to announce we now offer outdoor furniture restoration services! We'll get that furniture looking good as new, no matter the material it's made out of.

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Wood Staining

Arlington Pressure Washing Company can get any of your wood surfaces or furniture pieces looking top-notch with our wood staining services. Whether it's a banister on your porch, a wooden swing, or side paneling on a shed – we can stain it.

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Rust & Efflorescence Removal

Do you. have a rust issue? Or maybe your brick walls have succumbed to crystallized buildup, or efflorescence? Well, Arlington Pressure Washing Company is here to save the day with our new rust & efflorescence removal services! We can get that rust or crystallized build-up removed in no time.

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Our Story

Arlington Pressure Washing Company owners
Hey there, we’re Nick and Shane – the expert duo behind Arlington Pressure Washing Company, previously Soap & Water, LLC. We started working on exterior cleaning and renovation jobs when we were in college. Nick, a 2014 William and Mary alum, helped to maintain his family's homes in Arlington and Chautauqua, NY. Nick enjoys learning about chemical usage and safety, and applying that knowledge to his projects. Shane, a 2015 Bowdoin College alum, worked for Loudoun County Schools in their Facilities Maintenance department. Shane enjoys working on wood staining projects and learning how to better take care of his vehicle's interior and exterior. After graduating college, both of us worked in the DC bubble; Nick at a DHS consulting firm, and Shane at a large consumer goods retailing company. Being roommates and having grown up in the area, we often heard from family and friends how difficult it was to find trustworthy and reliable service providers. We decided to pool our experiences to fill the void we saw in the market and solidify our futures in this community.  

Since we opened in the Fall of 2018, we’re proud to say we’ve had the pleasure of helping over 200 of our neighbors maintain their home exteriors and vehicles. Our goal is to provide you with the highest standard of service possible as we help you protect your most valuable equity investments.
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